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social studies review  


6th Grade  


7th History  


Number the Stars Trailers 2017

Number the Stars Trailers

Search Engine

(You may want to start here if you know your focused topic.)

Tekmom--This contains multiple search engines.  Try several of them before you are finished with your search.  Using different search engines means different results.

Kids Search Tools (a meta-search engine)

Kids' Click--indexed by librarians

Awesome Library--reviewed resources

Pandia Search Engines, Directories, and Collections page  (This is not a search itself, but it links to many different ones.)

Lincoln link

Abraham Lincoln Treasure Hunt


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Presidents' Day--George Washington

George Washington Internet Treasure Hunt

Pioneer Farm Quiz

Chapter 3 Social Studies Notes

ISAT form

"Diary of a Loonatic" Questions


"Bone Shadows" Questions

ISAT Interactive Tests

ISAT Interactive Tests

Khan Academy
After you've taken the math tests, you may want to check out the practice lessons and questions at Khan Academy to help you answer any questions you may have.

St. Patrick's Day


Primary Games


Webquest Treasure Hunt

100 Day

100 Day Activities

Percentage Paint (Paint a picture. Remember--percentages are based on 100.)

Guess the Number (Between 1 and 100)

Mend the Number Square

Give the Dog a Bone

Ghost Blasters
(Blasting Multiples of 10 all the way to 100 points)

Mad Money (Can you save $100?)

Roman Numerals
(Find out how to write up to, including, and past 100.)

Jelly Beans (How much is 100? 1,000?, 10,000? 1,000,000?  Find out counting jelly beans.)

Interactive 100 charts (Another one splatting paint)

1st and 2nd Grade Pumpkins

Please do these in order.

1. Pumpkin Webquest

2. Look at the pumpkin pictures and pumpkin poems.

3. Carve your own pumpkin.  When you are finished, make sure you click the word DONE to see a surprise.

December 20, 2010

Gamestar Mechanic



Snow Rider

Snow Rider 2

Earth Day activities

This is the site we looked at in class that has the house tour.  Enjoy!

You can also check out Earth Day on the Starfall site.


Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

Abraham Lincoln Movie

Abraham Lincoln Coloring Page

Abraham Lincoln Art Gallery

Shapes -- Click and Drag and Drag.ppt

1st and 2nd Grade

1st and 2nd Grade Fun

A list of puzzles and games

I Know That---A list of games for each grade level and subject.

Class Wiki

Be sure to use the username and password that Mr. Ochs gave you in class.

Extended Response--Great Chicago Fire

This is the response that you need to revise as a group.  Before talking about it in your group, take a few minutes to revise the essay on your own.  Then as a group, come up with the best revision.  One person from your group will need to post your group's revision to the class wiki.  Make sure you discuss what score it deserves and why.  Use reasons from the rubric to support your opinion.  Go back and re-read the article to fully undersatnd the essay's viewpoint and also to use quotes and references to make your revision better.

Below is the essay and rubric.


NextSteps Website


Lots of Links

Earth Day Issues (Lots of Links)--

Topics Include ...  Air Pollution      Energy Depletion       Overflowing Landfills                Rain Forest Destruction    Vanishing Species       Water Pollution

Oprah's Go Green Initiative  

Saving Energy Ideas  (Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.)

WCIA Channel 3 Go Green Segments

Science Links for "Energy Conservation"

Energy Conservation

Page 1 conservation Middle school.htm

Page 2 conservation page 2 Middle school.htm

Page 3 conservation page 3 Middle school.htm

Farm Safety Day video


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